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1991. In the early 1990s, despite loving the Fender Stratocaster's sound, I could not easily adapt to it. With this guitar made in Switzerland I finally made it. Despite not being a Fender is a great Stratocaster. The neck, very comfortable, is midway between Fender and Gibson, 12" radius and 25,5" scale length. The tremolo is very precise, which, altogether with the Sperzel locking pins it comes with, makes the tuning very stable even with a hard vibrato work, something not very common for a Strat. The preamp and the equalizer offer the possibility of obtaining a sound more humbucking than the typical Strat. I added a GK-2 Midi pickup for my studio work. Later I removed it and is now back to its original appearance. This has been my favorite guitar in the studio for quite a long time.