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2011. This is a recreation made by this Canadian manufacturer of the Gibson ES 150, one of the first models of electric guitar produced and distributed commercially back in the mid 30's. The result is an instrument of excellent build and great beauty. It comes equipped with a single P90 pickup, and the bridge is not attached to the body. The original pickup was replaced by a Lollar P-90, the synthetic material bridge by a wooden one attached to the body with double-sided tape, and the tuners by a Gibson Deluxe Vintage. Currently it has caliber 0.11, flat wound strings. The sound is excellent, both acoustically and connected to an amplifier. Very sweet sound. It is very comfortable to play and the finishes are magnificent, it has a satin varnish, along with the overall warmth of this instrument. Obviously this isn't a guitar you play loud volume and very close to the amplifier because of the risk of feedback, but this is normal in a hollow box guitar of these characteristics. Lovely!