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From 2018. This guitar was specially built for me by the luthier Jordi Descals according to my specifications. It has an alder body shaped like a telecaster, 25 in. Scale length - like a PRS - the maple neck has a thin profile (slim taper) and the rosewood fretboard has a 12 in. radius with medium jumbo frets. Sperzel locking tuners. The pickup on the neck is a Lollar Single Coil for Humbucker pickup (P-90 style) and an Imperial Lollar on the bridge. The electronics are very simple: 1 volume, 2 tones and selector of three positions. The tone potentiometers are push pull, one of them to pass the bridge pickup to simple winding and the other to put the two pickups out of phase. Schaller Vintage bridge/tremolo. The result is a guitar with the aesthetics and functionality of a telecaster, a Gibson-like sound and the tremolo arm of a Stratocaster. Excellent!